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  Richard Guest Brown

  • Basic Info
  • 1822-1861
  • 1862-1904
Parents Thomas Brown
Sarah Luckett
Born 14 October 1822
Ratley, Warwickshire
Baptism parish record
Married 19 June 1851
Elizabeth Stubbs
Parish Church Bedworth, Warwickshire
Marriage certificate
Mary Ann 21 April 1852
Thomas 03 May 1853
Richard Guest 04 March 1855
Zephaniah Matthew 14 May 1861 June Southam 6d 581
John Alfred 13 July 1863
James William 06 July 1864
Elleanor Elizabeth 18 May 1866
Charles Stubbs 07 Aug 1869

15 November 1904
Beechholme, Priory Road, Kenilworth
Death Certificate
Buried Church of St Peter and St Clare, Fenny Compton

1822 Born Ratley Age
16 November 1822 Baptised Ratley, Warwickshire
Baptism parish record
1841 Census - no record 18
30 March 1851

The 1851 census was taken on 30 March and gave the total population as 20,997,889.

Address given as Wharf, Fenny Compton.

RGB Head Unmarried 28 Corn, coal, lime dealer
Sarah Mother Married 64 Farmer's wife
James Brown Nephew Unmarried 4 Visitor scholar
Emma Facer Servant Unmarried 37 House servant
Thomas Smith Servant Unmarried 28 General servant

findmypast census transcript Original census entry
1861 Census - no record  

Census - location: The Whalf, Fenny Compton, Southam, Warwickshire

No occupation mentioned

Children: Mary, Richard, John, James and Charles
Nephew John Brown
Governess and two servants


Census - location: Fenny Compton, Southam, Warwickshire

Occupation: Brewer, corn and coal merchant and farmer groom

Wife, children: Richard, Zephaniah and two servants

1886 Part of an old OS map showing the Wharf, Fenny Compton. The location of the brewery and the pub is indicated.  

Census - location: Guy Lodge, Warwick New Road, Milverton

Occupation: Retired brewer, coal and corn merchant

Wife, son Charles and a domestic nurse

15 November 1904

Died Beechholme, Priory Road, Kenilworth from chromic albuminuria with son J W Brown present.

Buried Church of St Peter and St Clare, Fenny Compton


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