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John Green Bardsley

  • Basic Info
  • 1832-1890
  • 1891-1918
Born 1832
Egerton, Bolton, Lancashire
Parents John
Charlotte Burgess (?)
Mary Reid, 12 June 1856, Hillock House, Govan, Glasgow
Marriage Certificate
Margaret Ann Hodkinson, 12 October 1876, The Parish Church, Prestbury
Marriage Certificate
Annie Andrew, 02 December 1893, All Saints Church, Southport
Marriage Certificate
John J     1859
Alexander     1860
William R     1862
Charlotte E     1863
Mary Veitch 23 November 1864
Robert J     1867
Annie Rene     1868
Margaret Reid     1870
Henry Carr     1879
Herbert     1880
Winifred     1883
David Green     1894

19 May 1918
26 Park Road, Southport
Death Certificate

1832 Born Egerton, Bolton, Lancashire. Age
12 June 1856

Married Mary Reid
Hillock House, Govan, Glasgow

JGB lived in Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire, profession recorded as Sizer.

Mary Reid lived at Hillock House, Govan

23 November 1864

Mary Veitch born
Beech Mount, Harpurhey, Manchester

Veitch was the maiden name of Mary Reid (senior), the mother of
Mary Reid (junior), the mother of Mary Veitch.

04 March 1872 Mary Reid died from an abdominal tumour
Beech Mount, Harpurhey, Manchester
12 October 1876 Married Margaret Ann Hodkinson
The Parish Church, Prestbury
03 April 1881

Census (England and Wales) taken and gave the population as
25 974 000.

The census recorded that at Elm Bank, Pendleton the following were present:

John Green Head Married 49 Corn Miller Work Sizer
Margaret Wife Married 34  
John J Son Single 22 Warp Sizer (Cotton Man)
Alexander Son Single 21 Corn Miller
William Son Single 19 Apprentice
Charlotte Daughter Single 18  
Robert Son   14 Scholar
Annie Daughter   13 Scholar
Margaret Daughter   11 Scholar
Henry Son   2  
Herbert Son   1  
Isabella Inglis Servant Single 38 Housemaid
Mary A Wathen Servant Single 28 Cook
Elizabeth Ross Servant Single 25 Nurse

Mary Veitch must have been staying elsewhere.

There is no copy of the original census.

29 April 1886 Margaret Ann (Second wife) died from Phthisis Pulmonalis
Manor House, West Beach, Lytham
05 April 1891

Census (England and Wales) taken and gave the population as
28 999 725.

The census recorded that at 72, Eccles Old Road, Pendleton, Salford, the following were present:

John Green Head Widower 59 Corn Miller
Annie Rene Daughter Single 23  
Winifred Daughter   8  
Annie Hynn Servant Single 26 Housemaid domestic
Henrietta Percival Servant Single 28 Cook domestic

Original Census Entry

24 July 1892

Mary Veitch (daughter) married Joseph
All Saints Church, Southport.

Mary Veitch lived at 26 Park Road, Southport.

02 December 1893 Married Annie Andrew
All Saints Church, Southport
1894 David Green born 63
19 May 1918

Died at 26 Park Road, Southport.

From the death certificate, JGB died from Cardiac Asthenia and General Anasarca.

Margaret Reid (daughter) was present at the death, her address being given as 26 Park Road, Southport.


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