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  Mary Reid

  • Basic Info
  • 1834-1872
Born 1834
Parents Alexander Reid
Mary Veitch

12 June 1856
John Green Bardsley
Hillock House, Govan, Glasgow
Marriage Certificate

John J     1859
Alexander     1860
William R     1862
Charlotte E     1863
Mary Veitch 23 November 1864
Robert J     1867
Annie Rene     1868
Margaret Reid     1870

04 March 1872
Beach Mount, Harpurhey, Manchester
Death Certificate

1834 Born Age
12 June 1856

Married John Green Bardsley
Hillock House, Govan, Glasgow

John Green Bardsley lived in Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire, profession recorded as Sizer.

MR lived at Hillock House, Govan

23 November 1864

Mary Veitch born
Beech Mount, Harpurhey, Manchester

Veitch was the maiden name of Mary Reid (senior), the mother of
MR (junior), the mother of Mary Veitch.

04 March 1872

Died Beech Mount, Harpurhey, Manchester.

From the death certificate it appears that the cause of death was an abdominal tumour.


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