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1905 - Shelly Birkdale

Hilda Mary Brown

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Parents Thomas Brown JP
Elizabeth Wheildon
Born 08 November 1882
Hindley Hall Farm, Pemberton
Birth Certificate
Died 03 August 1907
14 Oxford Road, Birkdale
Death Certificate
08 November 1882 Born
Hindley Hall Farm, Pemberton

Family photo , guessing the date and possibly taken at 14 Oxford Road. Again I am guessing that Dorothy took the photo and thus it appears that Hilda may be in the photo, sadly she died in 1907.

03 August 1907

From the death certificate, cause of death was acute appendicitis and peritonitis after a failed operation at home.

Died at 14 Oxford Road, Birkdale, in the presence of her father, Thomas.


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