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A young DMH, possibly 16 years old 1910 - DMH 1913 - Portrait photo DMH - undated portrait photo

Dorothy May Brown
  • Basic Info
  • 1893-1909
  • 1909-1914
  • 1915-1919
  • 1919-1928
  • 1929-1960
  • 1960
Parents Thomas Brown JP
Elizabeth Wheildon
Born 16 Jul 1893
Shelly House, Pemberton, Wigan
Birth Certificate
Married William
30 April 1919
St James Church, Birkdale
Marriage Certificate
Elizabeth Mary 21 April 1924
Joseph William Rossington 14 February 1929
Margaret 15 September 1932
Died 23 May 1960
General Hospital, Llandudno
Cremated and ashes near William (1893)
Garden of Rest, St Peter's Church, Fairfield, Buxton
Death Certificate
16 Jul 1893 Born Shelly House, Pemberton, Wigan
Occupation of her father at the time: Cotton Spinner
Birth certificate

Family photo , guessing the date and possibly taken at 14 Oxford Road. Again I am guessing that Dorothy took the photo and thus it appears that Hilda may be in the photo, sadly she died in 1907.

A great photo of a Victorian family having benefitted from the Industrial Revolution, love the top hat.

03 August 1907 Hilda Mary (sister) died aged 24 from acute appendicitis and peritonitis after a failed operation at home, 14 Oxford Road, Birkdale.

DMH had an appendicectomy as her father did not wish for her to die in the same manner as her sister. From her daughter, Margaret, it appears DHM suffered bad health as a result of this operation which was carried out at home (14 Oxford Road) on a scrubbed kitchen table!

Years later after developing an abnormality, which was attended to prior to the Second World War, DMH's health improved vastly.

  Photo of a young DMH, possibly taken when she was 16 years old. (from Hilda Atherton)  
1909 Photo of the Brown children Gladys, Tommy and Dorothy. Again guessing the date as Hilda was not there. 16

Photo from DMH's photo album of her with her school friends. This photo may have recorded her leaving school. There are other photos of what could be the school and school friends. The school may have been Wintersdorf School, Birkdale.

Slide show from DMH's photo album for the year; several events and locations through the eyes of a seventeen year old girl.

Aug 1910 Group photo on 'Mary' in the Menai Straits, Anglesey. DMH would have taken this photo and was in the above album. 17
1913 Portrait photo of Dorothy taken in Southport. 19
1914 Slide show from DMH's photo album for the year: TB and GEB on horses, Maude Wickham's wedding, WH and MVH at Oxford and 21st group photos. 21
24 June 1915 Gladys Elizabeth (sister) married Harrie Bruce Wickham
St James Church, Birkdale
June 1916

Photos taken by DMH (then girlfriend) at the George & Dragon, Fordwich, Kent. Appears that William is with his parents outside the hotel.

The George & Dragon still exists.

Not sure of the reason why they were in Kent but William may have been stationed there prior to going to France.

Sent the photo to the Old Classic Car website to identify the vehicle and subsequently, with my permission, the photo has been added to the website http://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/vintage-standard.htm .

12 Dec 1917 Postcard of fellow officers on a course sent to DMH from the Continent, not sure of the exact location. WH is in the middle row, fourth from the left. (from DMH's postcard album.) 24
1918/1919 Afternoon tea at the Brown's in the conservatory, 14 Oxford Road, Southport. 24/25
30 April 1919

Married William
St James Church , Birkdale, Southport
Marriage Certificate

DMH's address on the marriage certificate was 14 Oxford Road, Birkdale, Southport

DMH and William were childhood sweethearts, info from her daughter Margaret. They lived nearby in Birkdale.

Only photos of the wedding.

1919 Rented accommodation at 3 Rock Cliff, Dale Road, Buxton. 25
1920 - 1925 Lightwood House, Lightwood Road, Buxton
(On corner with Corbar Road)
There is a noticeable extension on the house as on a visit to Grandpa, his father suggested building a snooker room.
26 - 30
21 April 1924 Elizabeth Mary born
Lightwood House, Buxton
1925 - 1928 Farming in Shropshire
Near John Reid of Upper Overton, Bridgnorth, Shropshire
30 - 33
1928 - 1936 Resided at Cold Springs, Buxton
Now an activities centre
34 - 42
14 February 1929 Joseph William Rossington born
Cold Springs, Buxton
July 1929 Group photo celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of DMH's parents. 25
15 September 1932 Margaret born
Cold Springs, Buxton
1933 Family photo with Mary Veitch and John Reid's family. 39
1936 - 1953 Lived at Westmount, Carlisle Road, Buxton 42 - 61
21 April 1949 Elizabeth married William Penrose Kenneth Eveleigh
St Peter's Church, Fairfield, Buxton
1953 - 1958 Lived at Poole, Green Lane, Buxton 61 - 64
03 November 1956 Margaret married John Gordon Stewart
St Peter's Church, Fairfield, Buxton
10 September 1957 Iain Gordon (first grandchild) born 64
1958 - 1960 Resided at 'Templemore', Albert Drive, Deganwy, Conwy
North Wales
64 - 66
03 January 1960 Jane Everleigh (second grandchild) born 66
18 March 1960 Rory William Stewart (third grandchild) born 66
22 May 1960

William (husband) recorded what appears to have been a stroke that lead to DMH's death:

9.50 pm Cry fr. bedroom - something snapped in head great pain
10.10 Telephoned doctor
10.20 Doctor arrived suggested ____ injection
11.0 pm gave her a tablet as she seemed like sleep. Pain increased onwards until
3.0 am then appeared drowsy. I went to lie down.
3.10 Found her out of bed - did not know me. Very sick - very restless - could not keep her in bed - did not know me.
7.30 Rang Mary - found her on the floor
7.40 Mary arrived - ultimately we managed to get her into bed
8.0 has slept (since this time) crossed out
10.40 Very sick during sleep damp pillows seemed quite unconscious
  Dr C__ arrived ambulance to hospital
Note Page 1 and Page 2.
23 May 1960

Died in the General Hospital, Llandudno, North Wales.

From the death certificate, the cause of death was:

a) left intracerebral haemorrhage and
b) celebrial thrombosis.

Cremated and ashes near William (1893) 's ashes
Garden of Rest, St Peter's Church , Fairfield, Buxton (location)


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