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Hinmers Family Bible

The Family Bible appears to have been started by William and Bessie. It has passed down the generations and is in pretty good condition. The bible is contained is a wooden case.

The family records are contained on pages in the bible specifically for the purpose. Four pages are included in the bible, the others are loose leaf, added at various stages.
Pages Comments
Page 1 This page appears to be mostly in the handwriting of Bessie. Comments have been added at a later date. Those for Bessie being added by William (1821). William (1893) added comments about William's (1821) death and burial.
Page 2 Page Two appears to be all Bessie's writing.
Page 3 Page Three is the writing of Bessie and possibly William (1821), although it may be Bessie's writing at a much later date.
Page 4 Page Four is the writing of William (1821).
Page 5 Page Five may be the writing of Joseph with the writing at the end of the page being that of Mary Veitch.
Page 6 Page Six is the writing of Joseph initially and Mary Veitch, with William (1893) writing the birth date of Margaret.
Page 7 Page Seven is the writing of Joseph and William (1893).
Page 8 Page Eight, is a mix of several handwritten entries. Mary Veitch entered the death of Joseph, William (1893) entered the other death dates apart from his own which was entered by my father Joseph William Rossington. The births of the grandchildren were entered by William (1893), except for the last entry which was entered by JWR.
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