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Parents William
Betsy Lord
Born 02 November 1851
Greenfield House, Kersley, Farnworth

18 July 1915
Grove House, 156 Eccles Old Road, Pendleton, Salford
Buried Tonge Cemetery, Bolton
Death Certificate

Headstones on the Family Grave at Tonge Cemetery, Bolton
02 November 1851 Born Greenfield House, Church Lane, Kersley, Farnworth Age
05 April 1891

Census (England and Wales) taken and gave the population as
28 999 725.

The census recorded that at 68, Cleveland House, Eccles Old Road, Pendleton, Salford, the following were present:

William Head Married 69 Own means
Betsey Wife Married 67  
Maria Daughter Single 39  
Mary Ann Daughter Single 28  
Alice Ball Servant Single 31 Cook
Harriet Evason Servant Single 28 Waitress
Lucy Oldfield Servant Single 24 Housemaid
Annie Leighton Servant Single 17 Kitchenmaid

Original Census Entry One   Original Census Entry Two
15 July 1915

Died Grove House, 156 Eccles Old Road, Pendleton, Salford.

From the death certificate the cause of death was i) nephritis (chronic)
ii) cardiac failure.

Edward (brother) in attendance, his address being given as
South Downs Drive, Altrincham.


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