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Previous Family Tree Notes


With family papers that Tommy had in Zambia, I have found some interesting notes on previous work on the family tree. Although the names and information should be pretty accurate, I am sure that over time I will be able to expand on it.

Notes Information
Family Tree 1897 The family tree as constructed by William (1821), with a date of 22 Apr 1897 written on the paper.
John's and Thomas's Families Notes made by William (1821) on John's and Thomas's families.
Joseph's and William's Families Notes made by William (1821) on Joseph's and William's families.
Ellen's and George's Families Notes made by William (1821) on Ellen's and George's (son of Thomas) families.
(son of John) Family
Notes made by William (1821) on Goerge's (son of John) family.
Family Tree 1962 a
Family Tree 1962 b
Family Tree 1962 c
Family Tree 1962 d
A family tree in the writing of my father, Joseph William Rossington, dated 25 Dec 1962, although, Tommy is included on the tree and as he was born 28 Nov 1963, the date may possibly have been a year later. It appears that the tree may have been copied from a version my grandfather, William (1893), made with a copy of the note he made on his version.
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