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Menai Bridge Aug 1916 Date unknown

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  • 1854-1892
  • 1893-1910
  • 1911-1916
  • 1916-1923
Parents William
Betsy Lord
Born 01 December 1854
Greenfield House, Church Lane, Kersley (now Kearsley), Bolton
Birth Certificate
Married 24 February 1892
Mary Veitch Bardsley
All Saints Church, Southport
Marriage Certificate
William 15 March 1893 Cleveland Lodge, Northenden
John Reid 12 July 1894 Cleveland Lodge, Northenden
30 July 1923
Cadvan Villa, Menai Bridge, Anglesey
Buried at Tonge Cemetery, Bolton
Death Certificate
Headstones on the Family Grave at Tonge Cemetery, Bolton
01 December 1854 Born
Greenfield House, Church Lane, Kersley, Bolton (location)
Birth certificate
16 October 1863 Family moved to Cleveland House, Westcliffe Road, Southport (location) 18
05 April 1891

Census (England and Wales) taken and gave the population as
28 999 725.

The census recorded that at Cleveland Lodge, Main Road, Northenden, the following were present:

Joseph Head Single 34? Merchant
Annie Dinnie Servant Single 67 Housekeeper
Mary J Greenwood Servant Single 16 Domestic Servant

Census entry

24 July 1892

Married Mary Veitch Bardsley
All Saints Church, Southport
Marriage certificate

JH lived at Cleveland Lodge, Northenden, Cheshire (location).

MVB lived at 26 Park Road, Southport.

"Took up residence at Cleveland Lodge, Northenden, Cheshire (location)." (Family Bible - Page 5)

15 March 1893 William born on Wednesday at 3.15 am
Cleveland Lodge, Northenden, Cheshire (location)
12 July 1894 John Reid born on Thursday at 8.45 am
Cleveland Lodge, Northenden, Cheshire (location)
09 October 1894 "Sold Cleveland Lodge to Mr Hyde and took a house at
26 Westbourne Road, Birkdale (location), which we called Cleveland Lodge."
(Family Bible - Page 5)
01 March 1899 Bessie (mother) died
Cleveland House, Eccles Old Road, Salford
30 March 1902 William (father) died
66a, Eccles Old Road, Salford
02/03 April 1911

Census taken, population estimated to be 36 million an increase of 10.9% on the 1901 population.

The following were living at 26 Westbourne Road, Birkdale, Southport:

JH Head Married 56 Director and Coal Proprietor
Mary Veitch Wife Married 46  
William Son Single 18 Student
John Reid Son Single 16 Student
Mary Oldfield   Single 42 Servant
Margaret Jones   Single 30 Servant
Kate Wheeler   Single 24 Servant

findmypast Transcript Census record
June 1916

Photos taken by Dorothy Brown (then girlfriend) at the George & Dragon, Fordwich, Kent. Appears that William is with his parents outside the hotel.

The George & Dragon still exists.

Not sure of the reason why they were in Kent but William may have been stationed there prior to going to France.

Sent the photo to the Old Classic Car website to identify the vehicle and subsequently, with my permission, the photo has been added to the website http://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/vintage-standard.htm .

Aug 1916

Photo taken Menai Bridge, writing on the back of the photo:

30 July 1923

"My dear husband Joseph Hinmers fell asleep, July 30th 1923, at Cadvan Villa, (Bodorgan), Menai Bridge, Anglesey and was buried at Tonge Cemetery, Bolton on August 2nd 1923."
(Family Bible - Page 5)

From the death certificate it appears that the cause of death was cirrhosis of the liver, ascites (fluid retention in the abdominal cavity) and cardiac failure.

John Reid of Upper Overton, Bridge North was the informant.

02 August 1923 Buried Tonge Cemetery, Bolton (location)
(Family Bible - Page 5)
20 October 1923

Published probate of will.

Recipients of the estate being Mary Veitch (wife), William and Jack (sons), and a William Littler Bradford an engineer.


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