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  • 1818-1846
  • 1847-1876
  • 1877-1890
Born 1818
Guisborough, Yorkshire
Parents William
Ann Barry
Married No

01 September 1890
Gorsey Road, Nottingham
Death Certificate

1818 Born Guisborough, Yorkshire Age
07 June 1841

Census (England and Wales) taken and gave the population as 15 914 000. (The 1841 census for England and Wales was the first of the Victorian censuses to survive with full details of householders.)

The census recorded that at Brewery, Great Ayton the following were present:

William Head Married 60 Minister of the Gospel
Ann Wife Married 55  
Henrietta Daughter Single 25 School Mistress
Ann Daughter Single 20 Possibly School Mistress

Note: Ages were completed such that 15-19 were recorded as 15 etc.

Original Census Record findmypast Census Transcript
26 May 1846 William (father) died at Great Ayton, aged 72 years 27
07 April 1861

Census (England and Wales) taken and gave the total population as
20 066 000.

The census recorded that at (Ayton Villa) West Cliff Road, Birkdale the following were present:

Ann Head Widow 75 Widow of Indep Minister
Henrietta Daughter Unmarried 45 Indep Minister's daughter
Ann Daughter Unmarried 42 Indep Minister's daughter
Robert William Grandson   10 Scholar
Margary Graham Servant Unmarried 20 House Servant

Original Census Record

12 February 1876 Ann (mother) died at Ayton Villa, Westcliffe Road, Birkdale, Southport with her daughter Henrietta present who lived at Westcliffe Road, Birkdale.
03 April 1881

Census (England and Wales) taken and gave the population as
25 974 000.

The census recorded that at Newstead House, Nottingham St Nicholas, the following were present:

Agnes Rae Head Widow 49 Lodging House Keeper
Fritz Duelen Loger Single 22 Lace Trader
Henrietta Loger Single 64 Annuitant
Ann Loger Single 61 Annuitant
Mary J Wiffen Loger Single 49 Independent
Hannah H Wiffen Loger Single 45 Independent
Sarah Waite Loger Single 34 Lace Trader
Thomas Haynes Loger Single 54 House Decorator
Mary Ann Roper Servant Single 21 Domestic Servant

No copy of Original Census Entry

01 September 1890 Died Gorsey Road, Nottingham with Mary Ann (niece) in attendance, her address being her parents' address: Cleveland House, Ecceles.

Cause of death: chronic heart disease (mitral) many years, congestion of lung 6 days.

The occupation on the certificate is stated as being an annuitant.

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