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  • 1774-1814
  • 1815-1840
  • 1841-1846
Parents George
Jean Crosser
Born 1774
Possibly Edinburgh
Married Ann Barry
23 November 1813
St Nicholas' Parish Church, Guisborough
Marriage Record or the whole page
Henrietta 19 June ? 1815
Ann 23 April 1818
William 08 May 1821

26 May 1846
Great Ayton
Buried All Saints' Church graveyard, Great Ayton
Death Certificate

1774 Not born in Yorkshire, possibly Edinburgh? Age

Appears that WH was an Independent Minister from Edinburgh, Scotland initially and was trained to be a missionary in India. The East India Company then banned missionaries so he went to Yorkshire instead.
(Page 7 - East Cleveland Group United Reformed Church -
Group News Oct 2008)

Was reported as preaching in various local places (to Guisborough) since 1806, and may have had oversight charge of a church in Stokesley at the time.

Before 1810 Seems to have been living in the town of Guisborough. 36
31 October 1811

A neat and commodious Chapel was opened at Guisborough - The Ebenezer Chapel, later called the United Reformed Church in Guisborough, which still exists today. This chapel was built under WH's direction.
(A Short History of the Guisborough United Reformed Church.)

Became the first minister until moving to Great Ayton in 1824.

23 November 1813 Married Ann Barry
St Nicholas' Parish Church, Guisborough
19 June 1815 Henrietta born
Guisborough, Yorkshire
14 November 1815 Henrietta baptised by Rev James Jackson 43
23 April 1818 Ann born
Guisborough, Yorkshire
02 July 1818 Ann baptised by Rev James Jackson 44
8 May 1821 William born
Guisborough, Yorkshire

Accepted the pastorate of the Great Ayton Independent Chapel.

Independent Minister stationed at Guisborough, who replaced a Rev. Mr. Logan at Great Ayton. (from the Internet)

A map of Great Ayton as it would have appeared in 1856.

Great Ayton as it is today thanks to Google Maps.

1826 Found a church in Stokesley. 52
07 June 1841

Census (England and Wales) taken and gave the population as 15 914 000. (The 1841 census for England and Wales was the first of the Victorian censuses to survive with full details of householders.)

The census recorded that at Brewery, Great Ayton the following were present:

William Head Married 60 Minister of the Gospel
Ann Wife Married 55  
Henrietta Daughter Single 25 School Mistress
Ann Daughter Single 20 Possibly School Mistress

Note: Ages were completed such that 15-19 were recorded as 15 etc.

This census tells us that William was not born in Yorkshire.

Original Census Record 'findmypast' Census Transcript
26 May 1846

Died at Great Ayton.

From the death certificate, cause of death: Ascites for 3 months.
(Ascites is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen.)

01 June 1846 Buried All Saints' Church churchyard, Great Ayton, Yorkshire
1847 WH's obituary as it appeared in the Congregational Year Book of 1847, included in a publication by the Guisborough United Reformed Church. -

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