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1934 - Jena at Sandsend 1951 - Jena's Wedding Picture of Jena from an academic article.

Jenifer Wheildon Brown
  • Basic Info
  • 1930-1952
  • 1953-
Parents Thomas Stanley Wheildon Brown
Joan Bernoulli Barlow
Born 03 August 1930
20 Park Road, Birkdale
Birth certificate

12 September 1951
C Brian Hazelgrove
St Luke's Church, Goostrey
Marriage certificate

John Leech

Richard Dennis 07 July 1952 Milton Road Nursing Home, Cambridge
03 August 1930 Born 20 Park Road, Birkdale
Birth certificate
Summer 1934

Family holiday with the Hinmers family at Sandsend, just north of Whitby (location):

Donkey riding with Joe
Family fun
Photos taken by DMH .


Started reading Mathematics at Cambridge University.

"At that time she connected with Brian Haselgrove when they both joined a music group, which listened to 'long playing records', a recording and playback technology that intrigued them both."

The Radio Science Bulletin June 2008

1951 Picture from 'Terra Nova School The First 100 Years', Jena in the Octagon Room, Terra Nova shortly before her first marriage. 21
12 September 1951

Married Brian Haselgrove at St Luke's Church, Goostrey and afterwards at Jodrell Hall (Terra Nova School).
Marriage certificate

Some wedding photos taken by her aunt Dorothy.

07 July 1952

Son, Richard D Haselgrove, born.

Picture from 'Terra Nova School The First 100 Years', Richard in the arms of his grandfather, Tommy, with father Brian in the background.

Late 1950s Picture taken at Cambridge. Jena is front row fourth from the right, Brian Haselgrove is on her left. Jena's second husband, John Leech, is fifth from the left in the back row.  
27 May 1964 Brian Hazelgrove died at 35 Belfield Road, Disbury.
1965 Married John Leech 35
1981 Retired as a computer scientist at Glasgow University. 51
June 2008

The Radio Science Bulletin June 2008 published honouring the contribution Jena made to the radio science world with her research papers published in the 1950/60s. She used the first UK general purpose stored-program computer EDSAC commissioned at Cambridge in 1949.

Jena developed the 'Haselgrove Equations' which were applied to radio propagation in the ionosphere.

References to the papers she produced whilst a research student at Cambridge:

J. Haselgrove, "Ray Theory and a New Method for Ray Tracing," Proc. Phys. Soc., The Physics of the Ionosphere, 1954, pp. 355-64.

C. B. Haselgrove and J. Haselgrove, "Twisted Ray Paths in the Ionosphere," Proc. Phys. Soc., 75, 1960, pp. 357-63.

J. Haselgrove, "The Hamilton Ray Path Equations," J. Atmos. Terr. Phys., 2, 1963, pp. 397-9.

The tribute was continued in the December edition of the Radio Science Bulletin.


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