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1916 - Possibly an 18 year old portrait Tommy Brown - scanned from the TN book. From Portrait at Terra Nova

Thomas Stanley Wheildon Brown
  • Basic Info
  • 1898-1911
  • 1912-1928
  • 1929-1956
  • 1957-1976
Parents Thomas Brown JP
Elizabeth Wheildon
Born 16 March 1898
14 Oxford Road, Birkdale
Birth certificate (from Tim WB)
Married 08 August 1923
Joan Bernoulli Barlow
St James Church, Birkdale
Marriage certificate (from Tim WB)
Timothy W Birth Reg Sep 1925 Ormskirk 8b 1448
Jennifer W 03 August 1930 20 Park Road, Birkdale
Died 08 January 1976
16 March 1898 Born 14 Oxford Road, Birkdale
Birth certificate

Family photo , guessing the date and possibly taken at 14 Oxford Road. Again I am guessing that Dorothy took the photo and thus it appears that Hilda may be in the photo, sadly she died in 1907.

A great photo of a Victorian family having benefitted from the Industrial Revolution, love the top hat.

September 1906 46th Entrant to Terra Nova School (TN) 8
1909 Photo of the Brown children Gladys, Tommy and Dorothy. Again guessing the date as Hilda was not there. 11

Appointed Head of School.

Photo taken by sister Dorothy.

July 1912
Left TN for Clifton College, Bristol
1916 Possibly an 18 year old portrait photo (from Hilda Atherton). 18
16 Dec 1916 Appointed to be 2nd. Lt (on probabtion) in the Royal Field Artillery from Officer Cadet Unit. ( London Gazette dated 20 Dec 1916) 18
15 April 1917 Photo taken with his father, Thomas
Possibly taken at 14 Oxford Road, Birkdale by Dorothy May
1921 Returned to TN as an assistant master 23
08 August 1923 Married Joan Bernoulli Barlow at St James Church, Birkdale.
Marriage certificate
1925 Timothy W born 27
1928 Became Headmaster of TN 30
July 1929 Group photo celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Tommy's parents. 31
03 August 1930 Jenifer (Jena) born 20 Park Road, Birkdale 32
08 May 1936

Postcard sent from Joan WB to Mrs W Hinmers, Dorothy, her sister-in-law with a picture of Lane Side Cottage.

Lane Side Cottage belongs to the Brown family and is NW of Gosforth in the Lake District and is shown here on Google.

August 1951

Jenifer married Brian Haselgrove.

Some wedding photos taken by her aunt, Dorothy.


Only grandson, Richard D Haselgrove, born.

Picture from 'Terra Nova School The First 100 Years', Richard in the arms of his grandfather with father Brian in the background.


Retired from Terra Nova as the headmaster.

Portrait of TSWB at Terra Nova, maybe commissioned after his retirement from Terra Nova.

Picture copied from 'Terra Nova School The First 100 years', date unknown.

1965 Jenifer marries John Leech  
08 January 1976

Died en route to the garage in the back of a tow truck.

From Tim (son), TSWB had been asked to collect a prescription in Gosforth for his wife. Unfortunately the prescription was left behind so he rushed back to Lane Side Cottage to get the prescription. He parked the car in front of the gate but being in a rush the hand brake possibly was not set and the car rolled across the road into a hedge. A recovery vehicle pulled the vehicle out and was towed into the town. En route TSWB had a heart attack and passed away in the back of the recovery vehicle.


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