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Taken in 2011 in Tim's London flat

Tim Wheildon Brown
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  • 1925-
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Parents Thomas Stanley Wheildon Brown
Joan Bernoulli Barlow
Born 1925
Registered: Sep 1925 Ormskirk 8b 1448
Married Never married
1925 Registered: Sep 1925 Ormskirk 8b 1448
August 1951

Jena married Brian Haselgrove.

Some wedding photos taken by aunt Dorothy.


Notes from Tim telephone call 8 May:

Bernoulli Swiss Papal guard in Paris - Henry Barlow

Richard Haselgrove - Computer consultancy

Lives in a village on the outskirts of Bradford, went to Terra Nova, Clifton and King's College Cambridge, may have studied mathematics at Cambridge but may not have got a particularly good degree, then did a diploma in Computing.

Jena may have taught at a girls' school in Manchester when Brian was at Manchester University

John Leech - professor at Striling University - professor emeritus, they had a house in Milngavie, near Bear's Den

John and Jena involved in Waverley paddle steamer - sea going around the British coast

John was in the army and may have had polio

Tim - Bramcote Prep School, Scarborough. His father did not think it appropriate for him to go to Terra Nova

Browns lived in a house built in Granville Road along side Terra Nova 1923-1928, moved into Terra Nova when he became headmaster in 1928. Tommy Brown was very sad at having to leave Southport.

More notes in the black book, these were from the general note book.

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