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Unknown date - GEB 1911 - GEB 1912 - GEB Beaumaris

Gladys Elizabeth Brown
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Parents Thomas Brown JP
Elizabeth Wheildon
Born 06 September 1890
Shelly House, Pemberton, Lancashire
Birth Certificate
Married 24 June 1915
Harrie Bruce Wickham
St James' Church, Birkdale
Marriage Certificate
Bruce Wyke Birth Reg Mar 1917 Ormskirk 8b 1430
Hilda E Birth Reg Mar 1920 Ormskirk 8b 2199

Birth Reg Dec 1921 Ormskirk 8b 1681

Thomas W Birth Reg Jun 1924 Ormskirk 8b 1574
Died 23 December 1938
15 Leicester Road, Southport
Death certificate
06 September 1890 Born Shelly House, Pemberton, Lancashire
Birth Certificate

Family photo , guessing the date and possibly taken at 14 Oxford Road. Again I am guessing that Dorothy took the photo and thus it appears that Hilda may be in the photo, sadly she died in 1907.

A great photo of a Victorian family having benefitted from the Industrial Revolution, love the top hat.

1909 Photo of the Brown children Gladys, Tommy and Dorothy. Again guessing the date as Hilda was not there. 19
24 June 1915 Married Harrie Bruce Wickham at St James' Church, Birkdale
Marriage Certificate
1918/1919 Afternoon tea at the Brown's in the conservatory, 14 Oxford Road, Southport. 28/29
July 1929 Group photo celegrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Gladys' parents. 39
23 December 1938

Died at 15 Leicester Street, Southport (possibly a hospice or hospital) with her brother, TSWB, in attendance, his address being Terra Nova, Lancaster Road, Southport.

GEW's address being Lynton, Hesketh Bank, Tarlton.

From the death certificate, the cause of death was:

i) secondary carcinoma of lungs
ii) carcinoma of breast (removed three years ago)


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