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Family Dates

  • 1750-1799
  • 1800-1849
  • 1850-1899
  • 1900-1949
  • 1950-1999
  • 2000-2050
Year Month Day Family Event Related Family Event World Event
1756 May   Seven Years' War between Britain and France begins.
1771     'Factory Age' begins with the opening of Britain's first cotton mill at Cromford, Derbyshire.
1774     William born, location unknown.
1775 April 18 American War of Independence begins.
1785     Ann Barry born Guisborough, Yorkshire.
1788 January 01 First edition of 'The Times' of London is published.
1789 July 14 French Revolution begins with the storming of the Bastille.
1798 May 26 Society of United Irishmen rebel against British rule in Ireland.
Year Month Day Family Event Related Family Event World Event
1801 January 01 Act of Union creates the United Kingdom.
March 01 Britain holds its first census.
1805 October 21 Royal Navy defeats a French and Spanish fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar.
1815 June 18 Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, defeats Napoleon at Waterloo.
1816?     William (1774) and Ann Barry married, possibly Guisborough.
1817     Henrietta born Guisborough, Yorkshire.
1818     Ann born Guisborough, Yorkshire.
1821 May 08 William born Guisborough, Yorkshire.
1824 July 23 Betsy Lord born Farnworth, Lancashire.
1825 September 25 World's first steam locomotive passenger service begins.
1830 June 26 George IV dies and is succeeded by his brother William IV.
1837 June 20 Victoria comes to the throne after the death of William IV.
1838 September 17 London-Birmingham line opens and the railway boom starts.
1840 January 10 A uniform postage rate of one penny is introduced in Britain.
1845 September  
Irish potato famine begins.
1846 May 26 William (1874) died Great Ayton.
June 01 William (1874) buried All Saints Church, Great Ayton.
30 Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel resigns after the Corn Laws are repealed.
1847 April 05 World's first municipal park opens in Birkenhead, Merseyside.
1849 October 03 William (1821) and Betsy Lord married in Halshaw Moor Independent Chapel, Lancashire.
Year Month Day Family Event Related Family Event World Event
1850 March 05 Robert Stephenson's Britannia Tubular Bridge (near Bangor, across to Anglesey) is opened.
September 11 Robert William born Greenfield House, Kersley.
1851 May 01 The Great Exhibition opens at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London.
November 02 Maria born Greenfield House, Kersley.
1852 July 30 Robert Lord died at Farnworth.
1854 March 28 Britain and France declare war on Russia and the Crimean War begins.
December 01 Joseph born Greenfield House, Kersley.
1856 November 09 Arthur born Greenfield House, Kersley.
1860 October 17 Edward born Greenfield House, Kersley.
1862 April 18 Mary Ann born Greenfield House, Kersley.
27 Mary Lord died at Farnworth.
1863 April 12 Arthur dies, location unknow.
1876 February 12 Ann (1785) died Ayton Villa, Birkdale, Southport.

Ann (1785) buried All Saints Church, Great Ayton.

1881 January 17 Sir William Armstrong's home becomes the first to use electric light.
1890 September 01 Ann (1818) died Gorsey Road, Nottingham.
1892 July 24 Joseph and Mary Veitch Bardsley married All Saints Church, Southport.
1893 January 07 Henrietta died 29 Park Row, Nottingham.
March 15 William born Cleveland Lodge, Northenden.
1894 July 12 John Reid born Cleveland Lodge, Northenden.
1899 March 01 Bessie died at Cleveland House, Eccles Old Road, Salford.
October 10 Second Boer War begins in South Africa.
Year Month Day Family Event Related Family Event World Event
1900 October 16 Conservatives are re-elected. Lord Salisbury remained as prime minister and became the last premier to sit in the House of Lords.
1901 January 22 Victoria dies and is succeeded by Edward VII.
1902 March 30 William (1821) dies 66a Eccles Old Rd, Salford.
1903 December 17 Orville and Wilbur Wright fly the first heavier than air craft.
1914 November 05 Britain declares war on the Ottoman Empire.
1918 May 19 John Green Bardsley dies 26 Park Road, Southport.
November 11 Official end of the First World War.
1919 April 30 William (1893) married Dorothy May Brown married in St James Church, Birkdale, Southport.
October 01 John Reid and Kathleen Bardsley married St Mary's Church, Crumpsall, Manchester.
1920     Women at Oxford University are allowed to receive degrees.
1920 November 25 John Stewart born Wellington, Shropshire.
1922 May 24 William Reid born in a nursing home, Shrewsbury.
1923 July 30 Joseph died Cadvan Villa, (Bodorgan), Menai Bridge, Anglesey.
August 02 Joseph buried Tonge Cemetery, Bolton.
1924 April 21 Elizabeth Mary born Lightwood House, Buxton.
1926 January 26 John Logie Baird gives the first public demonstration of television.
August 27 Mary born in a nursing home, Shrewsbury.
1928 May 07 All women over the age of 21 get the vote.
1929 February 14 Joseph William born Cold Springs, Buxton.
October 24 Wall Street Crash sparks the Great Depression.
1932 September 15 Margaret born Cold Springs, Buxton.
1948 June 22 Post-war immigration from the Commonwealth begins.
1949 April 21 Elizabth Mary married William Penrose Kenneth Eveleigh St Peter's Church, Fairfield, Buxton.
Year Month Day Family Event Related Family Event World Event
1950 February 23 Labour wins the general election with Clement Attlee returned as prime minister with a slim majority of only five seats.
1951 October 25 Labour called an election hoping to increase their majority. despite Labour polling over a million votes more than the Conservative Party - and more votes than in the 1950 election - it was the Conservatives who went on to form the next government, under Winston Churchill.
1955 April 05 Winston Churchill retires as prime minister.
1956 November 03 Margaret and John Gordon Stewart married st Peter's Church, Fairfield, Buxton.
1957 September 10 Iain Gordon Stewart born.
1960 January 03 Jane Everleigh born.
March 18 Rory William Stewart born.
1961 April 11 Yuri A. Gargarin becomes the first human in space and to orbit the earth.
29 Joseph William and Mary Walsh married in Salisbury Catholic Cathedral, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.
1962 July 03 William Arthur born Manugula Hospital, Mangula, Rhodesia.
August 02 Susan Everleigh born.
November 28 Alan Hinmers Stewart born.
1963 November 28 Joseph Thomas born Mangula Hospital, Mangula, Rhodesia.
1965 November 11 Ian Smith declares UDI.
1969 July 20 Neil Armstrong walks on the surface of the moon.
1974 September 30 William (1893) died Buxton, Derbyshire.
1975 October 28 Joseph William died Bahati Farm, Mangula, Rhodesia.
1979 May 03 Conservative Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain's first female prime minister.
1980 April 18 The United Kingdom ceremonially granted Zimbabwe independence.
1982 March 19 A group of Argentine scrap-metal merchants raise their flag over the island of South Georgia in the opening scene of what will become the Falklands War with Great Britain.
1990 August 02 Iraqi forces invade Kuwait.
1991 February 28 First Gulf war ceases.
1998 June 05 Sean William born Harare, Zimbabwe.
1999 January 01 Britain decides not to join the European Single Currency.
December 05 Kevin Joseph born Harare, Zimbabwe.
Year Month Day Family Event Related Family Event World Event
2001 August 08 Shane Pieter born Harare, Zimbabwe.
September 11 Islamic terrorists crash aircraft on targets in New York and Washington.
15 Mary died No 2 Kirstenbosch Mews, Harare, Zimbabwe.
2002 April 27 William Arthur and AMO married St Mary's Church, Yealand Conyers, Lancs.
World event dates obtained from the BBC via the British History Timeline webpage.
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